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Chocolate Bars

Welcome To NID'Z, The World Class Range of Premium Chocolates!

NID’Z chocolates were first started by a die heart chocolate lover in her house kitchen in search of good quality chocolate, which is not heavily loaded with sugar & vegetable fats, and is also affordable. She realized that it’s not an easy task to find such good quality chocolate in the Indian market unless we pick an expensive imported one. Also, these chocolates are available in limited quantities, that too, at selective stores only. Her passion drove her to start spending all extra hours in the kitchen after her full day job just for creating a variety of fine chocolates.

She initially started sharing her chocolates with friends & family as a sweet and healthy treat over traditional sweets. Gradually, it became one of the favorite treats among friends & family, and everybody was delighted by her handmade chocolates when they tried it once due to its authentic taste as well as quality.

Eventually, she decided to bring NID’Z into existence as “The Premium Indian Chocolate” with the vision of establishing NID’Z as a globally renowned premium quality chocolate brand from India by offering a world-class chocolate experience to all the chocolate lovers across the globe.